Conservative But Effective

“Trading isn’t gambling!” is the motto by which The Mint Investments operates.

We believe firmly that focusing on money management, especially the risk factor or the loss of money, must be the primary objective in generating profitable investments continuously and long term.

It is this approach to trading that allows TMI to maximize ROI while minimizing risk.

Billionaire investor extraordinaire Mr. George Soros once famously stated:


It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.


Clearly then, it makes absolute sense why a conservative but effective approach to investing is our number one priority.

Indeed, to date, we boost an impressive investment record with an 8:2 profit ratio.  This means that for every 10 investments made, 8 generated profits and only 2 investments either lost money or broke even.


This level of unparalleled success is possible because at TMI we focus primarily on currency (Forex) and Options investing. It is by combining these two markets into one investment vehicle, that we are able to accurately pinpoint great investment opportunities for our clients on a consistent basis.

Indeed, the investing isn’t gambling approach has allowed TMI to sustain remarkable results for an entire decade now; generating average annual returns varying from 12.34% to 17.78%, depending on market conditions.

It is by adhering to conservative but effective, yet strict investment rules and strategies that have proven successful for the past 10 years that TMI has placed itself as a company in a prime position towards a bright tomorrow for its clients.

For more information about how you can invest with TMI and become an intricate part of our dynamic company, please contact us.

*Additional Investment Guidance: