TMI’s Investment Security

Your primary concern as an investor should be the safety of your funds.  At TMI we take utmost care to ensure your money is properly managed at all times.

We accomplish this task through a 4 steps approach, we call TMI’s Investment Security or TIS for short.


TIS Explained:

Step 1: Segregated Accounts

At TMI we aren’t just careful with our own money but we value you as our client and the investment you bring to us.  To ensure your funds are always safe, each client’s funds are stored in a segregated account, not accessible by anyone in the company. At no time during the time you are a client with us will your investment be mingled with company funds.


Step 2: Minimize Risk

Keeping your money separate from our company’s funds isn’t enough.  As stated throughout this site, TMI focuses on money risk management.  We are convinced that it is not how much money you can make but how much you keep that determines true financial success.

We adhere to a strict set of investment rules and strategies that we never deviate from.   We prefer to miss an investment opportunity than to lose money.

Every day brings new investment opportunities but lost money is difficult, if not impossible, to recover.  It is this conservative approach to investing that keeps TMI ahead of its competitors.


Step 3:  No False Promises

Honesty is the best policy!; and we do not stray from this.  At no time and under any circumstance will we make promises to you that we cannot keep; that sound too good to be true or that are outright lies.  That is why we don’t advertise annual ROIs of 30, 40 or even 60 percent.  Such numbers are highly unrealistic.  We prefer to remain humble instead and let you know upfront what we can offer you.

For the past 10 years, we have successfully achieved an average annual return varying from 12.34% to 17.78%, depending on market conditions, thanks to our commitment to honesty and integrity.

We rather not have you as a client than to fill your mind with pipe dreams of unrealistic, often impossible, returns.   On the flipside, if you are an aggressive investor looking for exaggerated annual returns of 30 percent or more, then The Mint Investments LLC is not the company for you.


Step 4: Transparency

At TMI you are never left out in the cold.  There is no guessing as to what goes on with the company and your investment. When you become a TMI client, you will know at all times what is happening with your funds.   Transparency isn’t just limited to your money but to our company’s operations and procedures as well.


There is a reason why our clients stay with us long term.  We treat them how they should be treated … with respect and integrity, and we watch over their investments the same way we watch over our own investments … with utmost care and prudence.


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