Taking Advantage of Liquidity

At TMI we strive to provide our clients with an optimal investment experience that is not found with other investment institutions. Not only do we make every attempt to offer the greatest return on investment (ROI) possible, but we equally strive to reduce investment risks to bare minimum.

While this may sound as a conservative approach to investing, it is exactly by adhering to this method of investing that TMI continues to grow and managed to survive the now infamous 2008 market crash.

Indeed, whilst many investment firms saw most of their clients’ earnings turn to dust during this devastating financial crisis, TMI, on the other hand, flourished.

By focusing our efforts on money risk management as opposed to boosting profits rapidly, TMI has been able to produce a winning track record of performance that is second to none; with a consistent average return of 12.34% to 17.78% annually.

To achieve this ROI on a regular basis, we consider liquidity as a major component of our investment strategy.  That’s because the greater the liquidity of an asset the easier it is to convert this asset into cash.

Presently, no other market offers greater liquidity than the Forex Market; making it quick and easy for our clients to access their invested capital when needed.

Yet one more reason why TMI focuses on trading currencies vs stocks, bonds, or futures.

*Additional Investment Guidance: