Forex Glossary

As an investor you should familiarize yourself with the proper terminology of the investment vehicle you want to participate in.

Having a basic understanding of such terminology goes a long way in helping you not only to better understand what you are talking about but to be able to communicate properly with your broker and avoid possible confusion that could result in financial losses for yourself.
Forex terminology is extensive and can be overwhelming for some individuals. Rather than submitting you to an endless array of words and phrases, we believe that you are best served getting a basic comprehension of the Forex language by referring you to a valuable resource that is easy to navigate and understand.
To learn basic Forex jargon*, please click the link below:

Basic Forex Jargon
If you are the type of person who wishes to have a much more in dept understanding of the Forex investment language, plase click the link below:

The Complete Forex Glossary

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*Additional Investment Guidance: