TMI’s Investment Strategy Assures Success

Investing isn’t as clear-cut as you would like it to be.

There are many things you must consider before you put your hard-earned money into an investment plan, such as:

– Your investment preference?

      Stocks, bonds, precious metals, etc..

– Choosing ‘guarantee’ over profit:

      As of this writing (August 11 2022) markets are the most volatile they have been in the past 40 years. Investors are losing large portions of their nest eggs they spent years building.

      There are however ‘guaranteed’ investment opportunities that are inflation resistant. Of course these type of investments offer lesser returns but can substantially offset some of the losses many investors are faced with today.

– After tax, tax deferred or tax exempt:

      Which one you choose depends mostly on your current financial situation. It isn’t an easy decision.

These are just a few of the things you must consider before you invest your money. Trying to decide for yourself which investment strategy is best for you can be complex, daunting and overwhelming.


TMI’s Investment Strategy:

Here at TMI we make investing for you as easy as possible. There is no guesswork involved as to which investment strategy is best for you.

We apply a proven investment method that has been solid for over 18 years now.

The image below gives a brief yet clear and precise view of TMI’s investment strategy, assuring the highest return possible at every leg of the investment portfolio. Also included are after tax and tax exempt investment vehicles to further augment your return.

TMI investment strategy
A highly realistic daily gain is used to simplify our investment method. This flowchart is for illustration purposes only.

The flowchart above demonstrates our proprietary investment method that builds wealth on various levels simultaneously.

This is achieved as follows:

    1) create a financial safety net,
    2) protect your investments from inflation,
    2) provide the greatest tax advantage possible,
    3) reduce, even eliminate expenses allowing more of your capital to be invested.

This approach to investing has proven to create substantial wealth for our clients over time. Of course nothing is ever guaranteed and much depends on your commitment to the investment process.

However, TMI’s Investment Strategy assures success both short and long term in that it is based entirely on diversification.

Investment diversification is the process of having multiple apples in your basket symbolically speaking. One apple may go bad. The chance that your entire basket of apples will rot at the same time is nearly nil.

This is TMI’s approach to investing which has proven successful for over 18 years now.

Please contact us for additional information about our investment method or to start investing with us.

*Additional Investment Guidance: