Our Solution

At TMI we understand that you can choose from a multitude of investment firms to put your money.  Yet few companies can match the level of dedication and commitment we provide to make your money grow.  That’s because we not only invest your money but our own money as well.   And that makes all the difference.

We apply the same investment tools and strategies that we use to trade our own funds to your investments.   This unique approach, exclusive to TMI and our clients, gives you the guarantee that your money is being looked after with the utmost care. That’s because, if you lose, we lose.

We apply a two-tier method to ensure maximum returns on investment (MROI) while substantially minimizing your risk at the same time.


Two-tier Method Explained:

1. Maximize Returns On Investment: (MROI)

We accomplish this goal by taking a conservative approach to investing and by means of conducting detailed market and economic analysis prior to investing.

Regardless of the investment vehicle we use (Forex or Options), we will never place a trade unless we are assured that the market is moving, and will continue to move, in our favor.

This assurance is based on ten proven evaluation pointers that we adhere to that must be satisfied favorably before we invest in a trade.


Here are the proven evaluation pointers we check for::

  1. current market condition
  2. developing news
  3. global and local economic stats
  4. company performance (when trading Options)
  5. long-term market trend (up, down or consolidating (flat or sideways))
  6. possibility of a breakout in either direction (bear or bull)
  7. recent past performance
  8. Feasible trade entry signals
  9. Feasible trade exit signals
  10. Profit potential (3:1 ratio)


Only after these 10 proven trade evaluation pointers have been dully satisfied do we enter a trade, never before.  In doing so we optimize our success rate for a profitable trade.   It is the principle reason TMI has enjoyed 13 consecutive winning trades and only 1 losing trade over the past quarter (2017).


2. Minimize Risk:

Just because a market ‘looks’ favorable, doesn’t mean it is.  That’s because markets can and do fluctuate randomly and at will.

Therefore, in order to minimize your risk and protect your funds from catastrophic losses, we will at no time invest more than two percent (2%) of your total investment account per trade.

Additionally, we employ a monthly maximum sustainable loss of not more than six percent (6%).  This means that should you suffer 3 losses within a given trading period (one month) prior to this trading period has ended, we will not trade your account again until the next trading period (new month).

Strictly adhering to and applying these two trading rules to every trade we take, not only guarantees that you will never lose more than maximum 2% of your entire account balance per trade and that you will never lose more than maximum 6% of your entire account balance during any given trading period; it prevents a complete wipe out of your funds altogether.
Preserving your capital is crucial to achieving long term investment success; be that Forex or anything else.



Total account balance (TAB) : $100,000

2% of TAB invested per trade : $2,000

Maximum possible loss per trade : $2,000


Using the example above, your investment account would need to experience 50 consecutive losses to suffer a complete TAB wipe out.

Whilst your investment may suffer several losses in a row, the likelihood of your account being wiped out completely is highly unlikely.  That’s because, in addition to adhering to strict risk reduction rules at all times, we also have several protection measures in place that prevent a possible TAB wipe out from occurring in the first place.


At TMI we take great pride in being able to offer viable investment solutions for our clients that not only produce above-average ROI varying from 12.34% to 17.78% annual yields consistently, whilst keeping your risk to an absolute minimum at the same time.


For more information about investing with TMI please contact us or download your complementary investment guide.